Gin Christmas Crackers


6 x festive crackers, each containing a different 3cl sample of gin.


Imagine pulling a cracker but instead of a tiny tape measure or one of those useless puzzles falling out, you discover a delicious dram instead! Juniper lovers will delight at these crackers which each contain a different delicious dram, truly awful joke and paper hat.

(43.6% abv, 18cl)

  • Bathtub Gin (Tasting note: On the nose there’s juniper, cardamom and orange blossom, with earthier botanicals making themselves known in the initial palate. The mouthfeel is exceptionally viscous and creamy.)
  • Yuletide Gin (That Boutique-y Gin Company) (Tasting note: Juniper first, before all the rich spiciness comes in. Loads of ginger and nutmeg, mince pie pastry, raisins and orange peel. There’s some lighter citrus notes tucked in on the end, too.)
  • Bathtub Gin - Sloe Gin (Tasting note: Marzipan and juniper on the nose with citrus aromas. On the palate there’s almonds, berries and hints of vanilla.)
  • Perry's Tot - Navy Strength Gin (Tasting note: Big and juniper led with citrus, especially grapefruit.)
  • Conker Spirit Dorset Dry Gin (Tasting note: Soft and supple, the palate begins with plenty of classic juniper elements among a berry jam sweetness and an underlay of more icing sugar.)
  • Tanqueray Rangpur (Tasting Note: Lots of zest on the nose, but a pleasantly balanced gin flavour that’s instantly recognisable as Tanqueray.)
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