Since 2010, Drinks by the Dram has been working with the world's leading and most awarded distilleries, to bring you the finest drams for your sampling pleasure. Having paved the way with our original spirit-filled advent calendars (bringing grown up joy over the festive period), we've refined our year-round range to make sure you can find the perfect gift, treat yourself, or explore something new...

Our 5 dram Japanese tasting set is a global best seller, and if you buy one today we'll make sure it's picked swiftly and run through the warehouse like Naruto in a hurricane, before being gently packed and handed off to our speediest courier.

Interestingly, our couriers are almost as fast as Japan's fastest native animal the Peregrine falcon, which flies from its nests on the dramatic cliffs and beaches of the Sanriku Coast at speeds up to 389 km/h (that's 242 mph, 108 m/s or 354 ft/s).

Tasty whisky AND a lesson in nature and velocity? Thanks Drinks By The Dram. Buy now.


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