5 Ways To Reuse Your Advent Calendar Dram Trays

5 Ways To Reuse Your Advent Calendar Dram Trays
Because plastic’s not so fantastic


No doubt you’re eagerly counting down the days until you can crack open your Drinks by the Dram Advent Calendar and start sipping those tasty tipples. Us too. And, while inside you’ll find a whole variety of exquisite expressions, in a small number of the calendars you might find your dram tray is plastic, not cardboard. 

BUT - the good news is the plastic - actually High Impact Polystyrene for the curious amongst you - has already been recycled and is also fully recyclable. And, the even better news is that there are also loads of ways you can re-purpose your tray, should you wish to do so. There are quite literally hundreds of ways to reuse them, from refilling them with more drams to storing your Lego bricks in separate colour compartments.

Here we have five fun ways to turn your dram trays into something more exciting. And, don’t forget to share how you’re getting creative with yours over on our social channels! (@drinksbythedram).


Need somewhere to mix your paints ahead of January’s spring spruce? Then your dram tray could be just the thing you need - use it to mix colours, store brushes and generally attempt not to get in a right old painty mess.


Cress, chillies, cornflowers, salvia ...if you’re feeling green-fingered come Christmas, then pop some seed packets on your wishlists and get planting. These dram trays double as great seed trays, and really they’re the gift that keeps giving because in a few months you could well be eating or admiring the fruits of your labour!


Everyone has that drawer in their house...the one filled with old batteries, cables, pens and the occasional lipstick. Nobody really knows why such a drawer exists, but it’s just one of life’s great mysteries. The good news is, you can conquer the messy madness - the dram tray doubles as a great draw organiser, and will almost definitely force you to test all those batteries to see if they’re dead. Sorry.


Where on earth did you put that earring? And why can you never find a kirby grip when you know you have approximately 1,000 of them? Worry no more friends - use your dram tray to keep all of your jewellery and accessories together in one handy place.


Whether you want to add ice blocks to Christmas cocktails or fancy creating your own ice lollies come summer, these trays can be used for all kinds of frozen creations - just fill them up, pop them in the freezer and enjoy! (You might want to trim the trays to a smaller size if you’re not blessed with a spacious freezer!)

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