Come Take a Look At Our Wonderful New Collection Series!

Come Take a Look At Our Wonderful New Collection Series!

If you need a gift that’s equally boozy and brilliant, you know you can always count on us. Nothing makes us happier than the idea of you and/or your loved one(s) excitedly opening their present and seeing that they got one of our signature Advent Calendars or Tasting Sets. 

Which is why we love coming up with new ways to spoil and surprise. This year we’re delighted to present the Collection Series, a specially curated range of gift sets perfect for indulging in the spirit you love and even better for sharing the experience with family and friends.

You can choose from Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Premium Rum, Premium Gin or Tequila & Mezcal collections, each one jam-packed with twelve 30ml wax-sealed drams of your delicious desire, all packaged in a handsome box that couldn’t be easier to wrap (we love to make things as easy as possible for you)

They’re the perfect present for any spirit lover at any time of the year. And be warned, if you turn up to a party* with this (instead of that same old bottle of wine) you’re sure to be VERY popular. 

And don’t forget, a tasting set is for all year round, think birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas... 

...Speaking of which, you can pre-order our dram-filled Advent calendars now so you can spoil yourself and count down to the big day in style.


*And by party we mean sensible socially distanced small gathering, of course.