It's Open That Bottle Night!

It's Open That Bottle Night!

Did you know that on the last Sunday of February there’s an occasion to celebrate? A day of letting go, trying new things, and embracing the finer pleasures in life. It’s Open That Bottle Night! 

It was made to brighten the dull, dark month of February by ensuring those bottles of fine booze you put away for a ‘special occasion’, are finally opened up, used, and enjoyed. It’s a fabulous idea. But it’s also kind of what we at Drinks by the Dram have been all about for some time.

For those who maybe don’t know us, let us explain why we do what we do. You see, we want people to explore the world of drinks. To constantly discover, share, and fall in love with new favourites. But doing that with full bottles can be pricey, and down the line cause storage issues.

A dram, on the other hand, is a durable, portable, quaffable, and affordable solution. And when you can get five, or even 12, totally different options in one place, it becomes the easiest way to journey through a category or style. And we’re not limited to one spirit. We can take you on an adventure through Scotch, or tour the world with rum.

Imagine, for example, you just bought your partner a bottle of flavoured gin for Valentine’s. They loved it, and would like to try more. You’re not really sure which bottle to take the plunge on. That’s where we come in. You pick up our Gin – Flavour Selection Tasting Set filled with five different 30ml drams of gin, exploring a host of exciting flavour profiles.

Makes sense, right? We like to think so. Now, if you don’t mind, we’re going to open some drams. A whole world of tasty wonder awaits.