Let Us Help You Navigate The Tricky In-Between Season

Let Us Help You Navigate The Tricky In-Between Season

September has become a strange month, hasn’t it? It’s often warmer than August, but it gets dark relatively early and the first leaves are starting to fall. Not quite summer. Not yet autumn. 

This not-quite-one, not-quite-the-other state of affairs raises some questions. What do you wear, for a start? One minute it rains, the next the sun is splitting the rocks. A light jacket and sensible shoes will only go so far. Then there’s what kind of food seems seasonally appropriate. It’s a bit late for salad, a bit early for soup. 

You might think that this issue extends to drinks. But that’s where you’d be wrong. Because the secret to in-between season drams is all about embracing variety and broadening your horizons. 

Only ever plumped for spiced rum at Christmas time? See it in a new light by mixing up a late-summer-Tiki-storm with your friends thanks to your Spiced Rum Tasting Set. Pop soda water in your complex Scotch whisky and lighten and lengthen your favourites for those last garden parties. Don’t just enjoy gin in spring. Embrace the autumnal flavours of expressions crafted with rhubarb and ginger, bramble berries, and even Jaffa Cakes.

Take Tequila. You might think it’s only a party shot good for citrusy summer serves. Well, think again. Think again. Thanks to the versatile quality of Mexico’s pride and joy, it’s easy to stir up deep and delicious warming serves like an Old Fashioned. Bring your Tequila & Mezcal Collection to a BBQ too and see how well the earthy, smoky depths of the latter pairs with charred meat and veg. It’s so much more than Margaritas.

In our wide selection of tasting sets and giftable collections there’s always going to be something delicious and seasonally suitable. Even those of you planning which Advent Calendar to buy are covered. 

So, what is the dream dram for all seasons? Whichever one takes your fancy, of course! Thanks to our seemingly endless range, the possibilities are endless...