Open Your Rum-Soaked Horizons!

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Rum is all the rage right now. And why not? It’s a terrific spirit, made all around the world in a variety of climates with numerous production methods. Whether in the Caribbean, Latin America or even the UK, you’ll find that each distillery makes booze that’s different and delightful in its own way. It can be the base for a host of cocktails and long drinks or it can be sipped neat like you might with a whisky. Rum can do it all!

Which means there is sure to be a rum out there for you. All you need to do is be willing to open yourself up to a whole universe of possibilities. We hope you’ve got your authentic explorer’s helmet ready (you know those ones you see 19th century explorers wear in the jungle in the movies), because we’re going in.

In our Premium Rum Tasting Set there’s five different options to enjoy, while our 12 Dram Premium Rum Collection ramps things up a notch. Across the two collections, there’s noted producers such as El Dorado, Goslings and Flor de Caña as well as spirits from the likes of Jamaica, Haiti and Guatemala, they’re the perfect way to taste and test your way through arguably the most exciting spirits category in the world. Plus they make marvellous gifts.

So if you think rum is a cheap party spirit for students and pirates – think again.