Take a Look At Our Incredible Advent Selection!

Take a Look At Our Incredible Advent Selection!

People probably know us best for our Advent calendars, and of those the Whisky and Gin editions tend to get the most spotlight. But our terrific calendars have been filled with all kinds of tasty booze over the years and for 2020 we’ve got a tremendous range that we’re very proud of.

For good reason too. Take our Rum calendar, for example. It includes 24 different wax-sealed glass drams by 21 distilleries from 17 countries, including some of the world’s finest dark rums, spiced rums, rhum agricole and more. Rum is, after all, the hottest category on earth right now, so what kind of provider of delicious spirits would we be if we didn’t dram-up some of it for you? That liquid sunshine is most welcome on those frosty winter evenings. 

Our Vodka Explorer will obviously be a smash hit for those who count themselves as big fans of spirit, but it also does what it says on the tin and works wonderfully as a means to broaden your horizons and discover more about the category. Once you’ve had a sample of the 24 different wax-sealed glass drams, sourced from 18 distilleries across 8 countries, you’ll be ready to heartily laugh in the face of those who think vodka is flavourless. 

Of course, you don’t have to leave your exploration until Advent. We’ve got all sorts of sets made up of five or twelve fantastic drams to get stuck into whenever you choose. The perfect all-year-round gifts.