Try Something New This January!

Tasting Sets, Whisky, Gin, Rum

It might be a bland month on the weather front, but that doesn’t mean January can’t be full of flavour. Why not snap up a Tasting Set and discover a world of new spirits while treating yourself at the same time?

If there’s one thing we love at Drinks by the Dram, it’s sharing our favourite spirited finds. We fill our tasting sets to the brim with deliciousness – and, even if we say so ourselves, they make pretty excellent presents, too. But in the frankly dreary month of January, why not put a twist on it all and embrace a little spot of self-gifting?

Each one of our tasting sets has been expertly curated to offer a whole spectrum of flavour around a theme: we’ve got Premium Gin, Premium Rum, and a whole host of whisky (and even whiskey!) creations. Seeing as Burns Night is just around the corner, we reckon the Regions of Scotland Tasting Set and the Islay Whisky Tasting Set make timely choices to thrill the palate. Fancy venturing further afield? There are Japanese Whisky and Bourbon options, too!

Here’s an idea… why not snap up a box for yourself and a pal, and discover the newness together over a virtual chat? Boring January, be gone!