Get Your Friends Together Online!

Get you friends together for a virtual drinks tasting session.

What better way to get your friends together (and make sure you have something to talk about on another virtual hangout) than to all try some delicious spirits? Luckily, we have just the thing to get you started…

Round up your pals (online for anyone outside of your household of course), get each of you a tasting set and simply enjoy exploring the drinks with friends. It’s something a little different, let’s be honest we’re all bored of talking about the weather and hearing ‘witty’ comments about the commute from the living room. On top of that it’ll be totally delicious and certainly a good use of all this extra time you have on your hands. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to taste some new and exciting spirits. Who knows, you might even find a new favourite! 

Our tasting sets even have tasting notes in them already, so you can compare and contrast your thoughts with those, as well as with your pals. No need to be a spirits connoisseur, it’s just a bit of fun! 

But here’s the best part… Both of our Premium Rum and Premium Gin tasting sets have 10% knocked off their price on Master of Malt right now! There’s never been a better time for a virtual get together. 

So go on, get your tasting sets sorted, open your laptops, tablets or smartphones and get sipping! Turns out staying in can still be pretty tasty...